size guide :

ribbon and bangle bracelets

fitting advice

how do I identify my wrist size? here are our recommendations based on your size and your wrist

your size :
less than 180cm
your size :
180cm - 190cm
your size :
190cm and over
thin wrist 17/S 18 / M 19/L
average wrist 18 / M 19/L 20 / XL
strong wrist 19/L 20 / XL 21 / XXL

size correspondence table

cm 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
inch 5.91 6.30 6.69 7.09 7.48 7.87 8.27

In order to place your le gramme bracelet comfortably, we advise you to:

place it above the styloid (that slightly protruding bone on your wrist)
then position the bracelet according to your preference.
If you wish, you can adjust it slightly by pressing evenly at each end.

In order to choose the perfect size for your le gram bracelet, we recommend downloading and to print the tape measure the gram.

deliveries and returns are free (customs fees and taxes included).

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