Each tailor-made project involves different trades , where know-how is at the center of creation so that the result is as aesthetic as possible, of high quality, and above all in response to your expectations! We would like to present to you all of these service providers who are involved in the creative process of your jewelry and without whom, nothing would be possible.

- The gemologist :
is the gem specialist. He carefully chooses fine and precious stones. There are four precious stones: diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald. The diamond has four distinct characteristics, called 4Cs which are: Carat, Color, Clarity (purity), Cut.
The Carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond. The diamond is also appreciated according to color criteria.
The white diamond color scale includes 23 shades, classified from D to Z (from more or less white). At Douze Paris, we mainly use G and H color diamonds.
Clarity represents the “flaws”, also called inclusions, present in the diamond. Purity means imperfection, and every diamond contains it. Namely, in most cases, these are not visible to the naked eye and do not affect the brilliance of the diamond. At Douze Paris, we use VS or SI clarity diamonds.
The Cut , for its part, is the quality of the cut of the diamond and represents the only one of the four criteria to depend on the work of man. Its size reveals the sparkle and brilliance of the stone.

- The trading gemologist :
he searches, throughout the world, for stones whose quality and market prices he knows to resell them according to customer demand.

- The lapidary :
is responsible for giving shape to the stones by cutting them, thus giving them high added value. His knowledge of gemology allows him to determine precisely what type of cut is suitable for each stone, and how to enhance it by removing all impurities.

- THE diamond dealer :
He also cuts stones, but specializes in diamonds which, due to their characteristics, require specific techniques and equipment.

- The 3D designer :
helps you to plan on the outcome of the project and allows you to make it more concrete. However, the 3D rendering is not completely representative of reality since the curves are rougher and the colors more garish, but this step is important for the projection of the project.

- The founder :
is the one in charge of casting, a jewelry technique which is the true artisanal starting point in jewelry making. The founder creates a mold from a wax, in which the metal will then take the desired shape.

- The crimper :
takes care of preparing the jewel to receive stones by drilling it. Then he moves on to the actual setting, depending on the type of jewelry, metal and stones he will choose the most suitable setting technique. Depending on the setting technique used, the stone will receive more or less light. Which reveals its shine and colors.

- The polisher :
occurs at the last stage of the project. It polishes the jewel giving it a very beautiful shine. Using various mechanical, manual or chemical techniques, it removes any tool marks or graininess on the jewelry. The metal then takes on a smooth and shiny appearance.

That's it, your Custom Creation or Transformation of old jewelry is ready, and we hope, will accompany you for a lifetime!