A promise of femininity: “twelve” rather than gentle “When you look at it closely, you notice that nothing is in order, but everything is in its place. The twelve woman likes beautiful things, those that are soft and last over time. Jewelry worn on the skin, that which we like to wear for ourselves, a daily adornment that we hardly notice any more. We said almost. Because the woman in twelve likes to be noticed up close. The desire aroused by the delicacy of a chain ring, the balance of stones, the discreet accumulation of earrings. Asymmetrical, sometimes, the tangled jewelry box, often, and that's so much the better. Twelve and twelve: time is resolutely feminine. Noble, mischievous and stubborn. Twelve and twelve: we move forward, casually and at all costs. The world has tough skin, twelve women have it too. We persist and we sign. »

The difference of Twelve: everything is in the z “Z in three traits: righteousness, gentleness, madness. A joyful stubbornness in not following the beaten path. The transformation of a revolt: that of homogenization, of standardization. And draw the possibility of a house, with a small m, dedicated to women. Attention paid to each: the power of gentleness. »

. Everyday jewelry : at Douze, there is no logo, no distinctive commercial sign. At most, we identify a certain recognizable movement. Simple, light, timeless creations that can be worn in any way you want.

. The stones in the center: this is the strength of Twelve. Innovate, create from stones unearthed along the way, and offer its customers unique pieces, from Hermine's latest finds.

. Custom-made : this is the heart of Douze. Attention to the person, on demand, a creative ethic: the fruit of an encounter. Interiority rather than status. The heart and the body. »

. “Power of gentleness” : If gentleness were a gesture, it would be a caress. At Douze, we like softness: an intimate showroom, by appointment, dedicated customer service. Calm and attention.

. The value chain : a network of artisans and partners. Honesty and transparency on sourcing and manufacturing. No miracle announced, but a constant commitment.
The mission of Douze Paris: to de-dramatize jewelry De-dramatize: to remove from something its dramatic character.

For Douze Paris, it's about getting away from the drama, from the play. Make it accessible, remove fears. The fear of entering a jewelry store, the fear of treating yourself to a precious object, the fear of ceremony, of feeling intimidated, even rejected.

The invitation to join a new story: that of a jewelry store in its own right, one that offers women the possibility of feeling beautiful, valued, of offering and treating themselves to an exceptional object