Our ambassadors are precious to us 

We have designed a format that gives voice to women , who inspire us with their professional careers, their singularity , their strength . We question them about their relationship to success and the jewelry that accompanies them daily, about their sentimental value and what they were able to celebrate as important stages of their life. From customers, they have become real Douze ambassadors . Zoom in on these personalities who are dear and precious to us!

Today we reveal Albane's interview . A lifelong Parisian , Albane is 31 years old and works in fashion, more precisely in the field of fashiontech at Tagwalk where she takes care of the entire Insights section. In addition to her professional activity, she is a painter and particularly enjoys working with colors.

What do you like most about your professional activity?

"I really like the duality of this sector. These are two worlds that we have long believed to be irreconcilable, but which have proven us the opposite, particularly with social networks and e-commerce. Technology is disrupting habits and helps to meet many challenges in the sector, and I find it exciting to participate in it. On a more personal level, I have always loved fashion and the creativity that emanates from it. However, I also have a very Cartesian and analytical side. , and this job allows me to combine the two."

What jewelry do you wear when you work? What feeling does this give you?

"I wear fairly simple and timeless jewelry, which goes with everything. I rarely change it from one day to the next and I don't take it off to sleep, except for my rings and my watch. If I forget to putting them back on in the morning, I feel naked, because they complete my outfit. I tend to be more creative and want to change my jewelry in the evening or for special occasions."

How would you define the Twelve woman?

“I imagine a courageous woman, tenacious but sensitive, a bit mischievous, feminine and natural, like Douze jewelry, without fuss.”

What are the perfect occasions for you to treat yourself to a piece of jewelry?

"Anniversaries: both births and weddings. But jewelry can also be markers of important events: a professional change, the birth of a child, etc. And by looking at the jewelry we remember these moments and we can then transmit them. I really like this idea of ​​transmission with jewelry, it is important to me."

Tell us a memorable anecdote you had with a piece of jewelry?

"I was just talking about transmission and I remember as if it were yesterday the first time I was offered a “beautiful jewel”: two bracelets for my fifteenth birthday that my mother had received before me from the from her mother. I hope to have a daughter one day so I can pass it on to her when she turns 15."

At Douze, what is the selection of your favorite pieces to make you feel good, beautiful, powerful?

"I like a lot of different things about Douze so it's hard to choose! But first of all I have a big crush on the Dôme Valentine ring, I really like colored stones and in particular those which are in green shades I also really like the different variations of the Moon bangle , which is very easy to wear every day, to dress up a wrist Finally, I love wearing several chain necklaces like. the Alba , the Valentine to recall the ring and the Iris for a more dressy look."

Written by Hermine Sacau

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